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Virol Oxy Disinfectant

<p>Virol-Oxy &reg; is an effective and unique disinfection product that effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi in a wide range of applications. Virol-Oxy &reg; can be easily applied to any surface that needs to be disinfected, including human skin, textiles, metals, plastics and more. The Virol-Oxy &reg; is developed and manufactured by Watch Water &reg; Gmbh, Germany. It is one of the few disinfection products in the market that has passed strict European standard testing. It has obtained certificates on its effectiveness in oxidizing coronavirus according to EN 14476 and bacteria according to EN 13727. Virol-Oxy disinfectant has a unique oxidation formula. It has a higher oxidation potential/reduce potential value (ORP) than a conventional disinfectant. Virol-Oxy&reg; ORP values of 5.5V, while general disinfectants such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, etc. have an ORP value of approximately 700 mV. Thus, Virol-Oxy&reg; has ORP value higher than normal disinfectant by 8 times, clearly this is a more effective disinfectants in killing bacteria and viruses. Virol-Oxy&#39;s Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) produces very strong reactive free radicals. The free radical can quickly inactivate microorganisms and oxidize complex organic molecules and mineralize their organic molecules completely.</p>

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